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Mar 17, 2024 - Games, Sports & Leisure    Comments Off on Dominoes Solitaire

Dominoes Solitaire

This is a little game I invented to relieve boredom while spending Christmas in Berkeley. It has the feel of traditional dominoes, but can be played by one person. The challenge lies in planning the selection of tiles in advance so as to place as many tiles as possible. Since some tiles are not visible at the beginning of the game, the entire sequence cannot be planned, and therefore, some risk is involved.

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Dec 2, 2020 - Games, Sports & Leisure    Comments Off on Blackjack Solitaire

Blackjack Solitaire

Blackjack, like most casino games, is a single-person game. It pits the player against the house, represented by the dealer, whose actions are controlled completely by the rules of the game. Here I present a way to play Blackjack as a game of solitaire.

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